Saturday, 11 May 2013


Have you ever asked why women find bad boys attractive?As a nice guy who is mostly a gentleman with the ladies you may wonder why you do not attract the most women.While they probably keep you in the friendship zone.It is the guys with jerk-like attitudes that actually get the attention of these women. Basically,selfish "jerk" behaviors may sound unhealthy but normally triggers the needed emotions in a woman to make her feel irresistible attraction.

So why are the  girls attracted to boys who are world-class douche bags?

There are certain personality traits of the bad boy that women feel attracted to.It is important to note here that women aren't attracted to the abusive,mean and negative part of the bad boy personality.unpredictability, uncontrollability, challenging dominance,these are few of the qualities that a bad boy possesses that women find attractive and thus make them willing to turn a blind eye to other abusive traits of the bad boy.These traits,when channeled correctly trigger the natural attraction mechanism inside the woman. Furthermore this is not to say that nice guys do not get women attracted to them.The reason most nice guys seem to have problems with women isn't because they are nice.Rather,it is because of all the other traits they may possess such as being physically and emotionally clingy, overly sensitive, and just over-all pushovers treating everyone nicely even those who are rude and inconsiderate because they are in constant need of approval from other people which strikes the ladies as a lack of strong personality or identity.

Therefore,its important for you as a guy to have your own time and space and dreams and plans and stick to them.It is necessary for you as a guy to discover your values and know what you want.creating your own character even if nobody likes you.the important thing is for you to have an identity and know what it is that you want out of not try to impress anyone by compromising who you are or trying to change for someone.never loose sight of must bring yourself to the point where you do everything with a purpose.It will also help if you are current with issues happening around by reading and mixing with people who real purpose in life and know what they want.make yourself, your life and your time a priority. try not to care too much or worry unnecessarily over who you have impressed,who likes you and who hates you and just go ahead with living your owe no one any explanations for how you live your life and the things you do that makes you happy neither do you need peoples approval to be yourself.this makes you look timid and passive. always take the lead and never wait for anybody to tell you what to do or where to go as a man.

A good quality of the bad boy is honesty about what they want.If a "bad" boy likes a girl, he will show her with no doubt in his mind while a nice guy tends to hide his interest and mostly end up in the "friend zone".A bad boy might stare at a girls chest , while a nice guy tries to sneak a peak in.yet,above everything else you must be independent with yourself and your own company.Always find ways to create your own fun and you will realize the less you need people the more people will need you.Always value yourself.your opinion about yourself is the only opinion that really matters.The most important part of having self respect is to not put up with people, men and women, who are disrespectful toward you, your family or friends.

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